Caring for your Picture Frame

Great care has been taken to create your frame. To keep up the good work, here are a few precautions you can take.

Always carry your frame from the sides, not the top. Carrying from the top can lead to weakened frame joints, which can cause damage to your frame over time.

Please take notice of how your frame has been equipped with hangers. If we have not fitted any hanging wire, this is likely due to your frame being oversized and/or heavy. If this is the case, we recommend hanging your frame from two points (fitted with d-rings). If you require assistance with hanging, you may wish to seek a professional art installation service (please contact us for a list of recommended art installers).

A dry lint-free micro-fibre cloth can be used to remove dust from your frame (front and back). If your frame has been fitted with clear gallery class, domestic glass cleaners can be used. If your frame has been fitted with acrylic plexiglass (Perspex), please use an anti-static cleaning liquid, such as Kunstoff.

Please note:
Hanging your artwork in full or partial sunlight will result in fading over time. If necessary, all components of your conservation picture frame (excluding your artwork) can be replaced.