Mediums - Oil

    Langridge Oil Mediums
    Australian-made and amongst the finest available for oil painters. For a full list of mediums, solvents etc visit:

      Underpainting Medium: A lean medium to be used for the ‘first-sketch’ in painting. Low oil content for rapid drying, minimising chances of cracking when overpainting with full strength colours. Stand Oil base ensures non-yellowing of artwork.

      Painting Medium: A free-flowing medium for oils that improves paint handling. Quickly dries to a tack but remains fresh so that it may still be painted into. Perfect for wet-on-wet technique. The Stand Oil base ensures non-yellowing of artwork. Pale colours stay bright while deep tones are enriched.

      Low Toxic Underpainting Medium: A low-toxicity solvent (odourless) based lean medium used for ‘first-sketch’ in oil painting. The low oil content aids rapid drying and minimises the chances of cracking when overpainting with full strength colours. Ensures pale colours stay bright whilst deep tones are enriched.

      Low Toxic Painting Medium:  A low toxic solvent-based medium for improved paint handling. Perfect for wet-on-wet technique. The medium tacks-up in 30 minutes allowing paint to be aggressively worked whilst maintaining position. The low toxicity reduces exposure to harmful solvents.

      Flow Medium: A very pale and non-yellowing medium with a safflower oil base which can be added to oil colours to increase flow. Keeps a slippery and wet quality to paint, allowing for loose manipulation over extended periods.

      Glaze Medium: A resin rich medium that gives oil colours increased translucency. Perfect for the creation of optical depth and soft suffusions of colour. Used for traditional thin glazes and fine detail work. Stand Oil base ensures non-yellowing.

      Oleogel: A versatile solvent-free gel that, when applied vigorously, will become highly fluid allowing easy brushing. As soon as the medium stops being moved it immediately ‘sets up’ and does not drip or lose its position.

      Oil Glazing Gel: Fast drying, damar resin-based medium giving lasting brilliance and luminosity when mixed with oils colours allowing for modern glazing technique. Thixotropic medium with a soft gel consistency designed for bold glazing.

      Wax Paint Paste: A thick, smooth and buttery consistency this highly stable impasto medium extends paint whilst keeping a strong bodied brush or palette knife stroke. Reduces gloss level.

      Cobalt Driers: A siccative or drying agent made with cobalt octoate.  Acts as a surface drier for all oil colours and mediums. Use sparingly as its overuse may destroy paint films.

        Gamblin Oil Mediums
        Made in the USA. Contemporary mediums true to historic working properties yet safer and more permanent. For a guide to mediums, and other product literature, go to

          Galkyd Painting Medium: An alkyd resin painting medium that increases the fluidity of oil colours and speeds drying time. Thin layers of oil colours are dry in 24 hours. The viscosity of Galkyd is similar to traditional painting mediums made from linseed stand oil. Galkyd levels brush strokes, creates a strong flexible paint film and leaves an enamel like glossy finish. It can be thinned with odorless mineral spirits. Adding up to 50% by volume odorless mineral spirits changes the viscosity of Galkyd for glazing.

          Galkyd Slow Dry: Formulated to have strength and flexibility and to keep the surface of oil paintings open for approximately three days. This is a good choice for painters who blend or work wet into wet. Use 1 part Galkyd Slow Dry and 1 part oil colours to paint wet into wet for at least a day. DO NOT DILUTE.

          Galkyd Tricks of the Trade: To slow down the drying time of Galkyd and Galkyd Lite, add about 10% by volume of Alkali Refined Linseed Oil or Poppy Oil. 

          To thin add Odourless Mineral Spirit (OMS) but by no more than 50%.

          To make more matte, dissolve one teaspoon of Gamblin Cold Wax in enough OMS to dissolve the wax completely. This solution is the matting agent. Add 1/4 matting agent to 3/4 Galkyd to make a more matte finish.

          Galkyd Gel: A gelled alkyd resin painting medium for painters who want to create transparent impasto. Thixotropic G-Gel holds marks and brush strokes. G-Gel makes impasto of approximately 1/4" thick. You can apply multiple layers. To maintain its clarity, G-Gel is not loaded with driers, so it does not dry as fast as most gel mediums. Adding driers causes oil paintings to darken and become brittle over time. G-Gel contains a very small amount of silica, so it is very transparent and lightweight.

          Neo Meglip Oil Painting Medium: A soft, silky gel which maintains the body of the paint, and produces a luminous Turner-like atmosphere, while suspending and supporting paint in a soft gel.

          Cold Wax Medium: Used to make oil colours thicker and more matte. A soft paste formulated to knife consistency, Gamblin Cold Wax medium is made from naturally white unbleached beeswax, alkyd resin and odorless mineral spirits (OMS). It can be thinned to brush consistency by dissolving in a small amount of OMS. The surface of paintings made with beeswax mediums will become only as hard as a beeswax candle. Adding Galkyd to cold wax painting medium/oil colours mix will increase the sheen and flexibility of the paint film. Use a small amount to make Galkyds more matte. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium contains no oil so it can be applied as a wax varnish over a dry oil painting.

          If you are using more than 1/3 cold wax medium to 2/3 oil paints then you should paint on rigid supports or paintings may crack when moved. By mixing 1/2 Cold Wax Medium and 1/2 G-Gel, you can paint on flexible supports.