Mediums - Acrylic

Golden Artist Colours (GAC) Acrylic Mediums

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Golden Mediums offer artists infinite control of changing acrylic colours. Use Mediums to control transparency, viscosity and surface sheen. Golden Mediums can be thought of as colourless paints, as they are composed of similar polymers as are the acrylic paints. They are the "glue" or binder that dry to form continuous, durable films. They are made of 100% acrylic polymers, which have proven to have excellent flexibility and chemical, water and ultraviolet radiation resistance.

Acrylic Glazing Medium: A specially formulated liquid medium designed to have longer working time than typical acrylic mediums. Very useful for fine art applications where subtle blending, subtractive techniques and similar methods are desired. Also ideal for decorative painting techniques. Available in Gloss and Satin.

Polymer Medium (Gloss): A general purpose liquid medium useful for creating glazes, extending colours, enhancing gloss and translucency and increasing film integrity. Has a unique feel that is much more oil-like or resinous in nature and that promotes flow and leveling.

Fluid Matte Medium:  A liquid medium useful for extending colours, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. Useful for blending with Golden Fluid Acrylics to decrease the gloss, without increasing viscosity.

Matte Medium:  A general purpose, pourable medium useful for extending colours, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. Can be used as a ground, instead of gesso.

Super Matte Medium: Useful for reducing gloss. Because of its high level of matting agents, it will lower sheen of another product with a minimal addition, thereby changing other paint attributes the least, such as colour strength and viscosity. Super Loaded Matte Medium should always be blended with other acrylic paints or mediums as this product is not intended to be used by itself.

Airbrush Transparent Extender: A 100% acrylic binder system that is designed to modify Golden Airbrush Colours for increased transparency and film hardness. Engineered to meet the highest standards of professional airbrush illustrators, Airbrush Transparent Extender possesses excellent spraying properties and is formulated to minimize tip build-up, clogging and surface defects.

Airbrush Medium: Designed for modifying the Golden Fluid Acrylics for airbrush/spray application. Blends with minimal effort with the Fluid Acrylics to yield a paint mixture with the proper viscosity for airbrushing. Effectively decreases clogging and tip build up during spraying, eliminating the largest drawback to airbrushing with acrylics. While designed with the Fluid Acrylics in mind, Airbrush Medium will also reduce the Heavy Body, Matte, High Load, Iridescent/Interference and Fluorescent Acrylics for spray applications. Golden Mediums and Gessoes can also be blended with Airbrush Medium for spraying.

Silkscreen Medium: A water-borne system designed to blend with acrylic paints for silkscreen application. Increases working time and retards paint from drying in the screen. Safe to use with minimal odour. Mix 1 part Silkscreen Medium with 1 part Golden Acrylic colours (Heavy Body, Matte or Fluid) and use this mixture to screen with. The Silkscreen Medium is not designed to impart opacity; hence the opacity of the mixture will be determined by the nature of colour being used and the ratio of paint to Medium used.