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Gamblin Oil Painting Ground makes a strong, bright, non-absorbent foundation for oil paintings and is formulated from alkyd resin, titanium dioxide (for opacity), and calcium carbonate (tooth for strong adhesion).

A brighter and less-absorbent ground layer compared to acrylic “gesso” means that the oil paint layers on top will better retain their colour saturation. Also, the lower absorbency allows for “reductive” underpainting techniques when painters need to wipe back to the white of the Ground.

Because the percentage of pigments is so much higher than in acrylic “gesso”, painters need only apply TWO coats of Gamblin Ground instead of the recommended four coats of acrylic. Fabric supports should be sized with PVA Size before applying Gamblin Ground. Also, Gamblin Ground can be applied on top of acrylic gesso for a brighter white, less-absorbent ground layer.

This primer is only suitable for oil based paint and media.